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About UrPharm

Pharmacists' hands

Our Vision

Providing easy access to authentic life-saving drugs in an effort to eradicate the circulation of counterfeit drugs in vulnerable communities.

Our Mission

We aim to facilitate access to authentic drugs by providing a platform by which patients can easily locate these drugs, compare prices between pharmacies and purchase the drugs with just a few clicks.

Our Impact

Finding authentic medication isn’t always easy, but at UrPharm we believe it should be. That’s why we offer a new type of pharmacy care, one where clinical excellence meets our unique bespoke technology to help make the lives of patients happier and healthier.

Our solution handles the stress faced by relatives abroad regarding their loved ones back home, who most often have less access to authentic medication, and thus gravitate towards fake medications sold by street hawkers. UrPharm's digital solution bridges this gap by enabling relatives to purchase authentic and life-saving medication for their close ones back home.

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